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Writing is what connects humanity and saves and spares us all from falling completely away from grace. Done well, writing surpasses the transient need for outside stimulants or junk food.

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You’ve heard the news by now that the AMC and Sundance execs say they are on the fence about giving their hit show “Hap and Leonard” the fourth season. This after season 3 was their most engaging in social media and their most critically acclaimed. For some reason, it seems like they are completely unconvinced...

April 2, 2018 I was at my first press conference recently, at the MLK 50 and I Am 2018 conferences. I got to see how journalists like me can turn a room into a den of screaming, flashbulb madness that starts the moment the publicist gives the proverbial “Go” signal. It was intoxicating. What stuck...

This administration’s statement on discrimination against white male applicants is yet another illustration of the myth of affirmative action:

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Jonita Davis is a writer, mother, a certified nerd, and Managing Editor of Black Girl Nerds who’s married to a DC comics nerd. She has been writing for 12 years about the way pop culture and politics affect our lives as parents, women, black women, nerds, and people of this planet.<br /> Feel free to contact me to discuss my writing, upcoming projects,

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